Rest for the Wandering Traveller

Even the greatest explorers need to rest. So take a break and rest well in our affordable and clean rooms. Whether you’re here on your own or with a group, we have rooms to accommodate everyone. At Toojou, you can indulge in all the comfort for less, because we believe that every amazing journey begins with a good night sleep.

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Food for the Soul

Grab a bite at our TAMAHA Kitchen. Bring a friend or make new friends. Read a book or write a book. Whichever it is, we’re here for you. Everyone is welcomed.

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Collaboration Coves for the Working Nomad

We understand the importance of a productive atmosphere, that’s why we have high speed Wi-Fi, power outlets and a cosy atmosphere at our OPIS Co-Working Spaces to keep your flow going. This is probably the best spot in Kota Kinabalu to meet fellow nomads from all over the globe. Exclusively accessible for houseguests only.

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Mingle like you’re single

Make new friends, share stories, or maybe even find your soulmate here at our chillout space. As the saying goes, enter as strangers, leave as friends.

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Corporate Events

Our event packages for business gatherings includes hi-tea, lunch or dinner buffet options as well as boxed lunches with a casual and cozy event space.

Tamaha Kitchen

Planning a surprise party for a loved one? Explore our birthday event packages designed to make your special day a fun and memorable one.

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Plan an intimate and simple wedding here at our social space where we can offer buffet-style receptions that match the couple's preferences and wedding theme. Our space is cozy and casual - suitable for couples who are looking for a unique and intimate vibe.

Unique and Intimate Weddings at Toojou.


"Discover our versatile event space packages tailored to give you a unique experience for your workshops and seminars. A casual and relaxing setup followed a serene environment for focused learning - we have the perfect setting to enhance your event's success."

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