Corporate Events

Our event packages for business gatherings includes hi-tea, lunch or dinner buffet options as well as boxed lunches with a casual and cozy event space.

Tamaha Kitchen

Planning a surprise party for a loved one? Explore our birthday event packages designed to make your special day a fun and memorable one.

Throw A
Birthday Bash
In Style.


Plan an intimate and simple wedding here at our social space where we can offer buffet-style receptions that match the couple's preferences and wedding theme. Our space is cozy and casual - suitable for couples who are looking for a unique and intimate vibe.

Unique and Intimate Weddings at Toojou.


"Discover our versatile event space packages tailored to give you a unique experience for your workshops and seminars. A casual and relaxing setup followed a serene environment for focused learning - we have the perfect setting to enhance your event's success."

A Comfortable Space For
Workshops & Talks.